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I got impatient and did something silly without thinking:  I hit the [Cancel] button on the “Cleaning up deleted files…” dialog after deleting all my snapshots.  Don’t get me wrong, I wanted all the snapshots deleted; it’s just that if I’d thought about it at all I would have allowed the operation to just complete normally.


It canceled right away, and I ended up with 600+ GB of .vmdk files that I couldn’t see a direct way to get rid of, even though my VM has only about 200 GB of storage used.


After mulling this over a couple of days, I thought to make a new snapshot then delete it and see if the resulting cleanup would do the rest of the job.  Looks like it worked.


Thought I’d share this tidbit.  Perhaps there’s a proper menu entry I didn’t know about or something, but it’s nice when the code actually works when tasked with doing something shall we say non-standard or atypical.  Thanks VMware!



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