Stratus ftServer – any experience?

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I have a client that is looking to upgrade their infrastructure for some mission-critical systems. We are proposing VMware 6.7 + vSAN FTT=2 with 6 nodes


They have raised a solution called Stratus ftServer 6900, which appears to be a 4U, 2-node system that presents a single system with hardware fault-tolerance built into the backplane. They would then use VMware Essentials on this single node.


Does anyone have any experience with this product? I can’t find much info on it online, a few press releases here and there, and the whitepapers on their website. Stratus promises 5 9’s uptime – “You can’t get better availability any other way. Our numbers prove it. ” and on their website, they are comparing their uptime to ‘virtual fault tolerance’ which is only 99.95%. As far as I know, vSphere + vSan uptime with FFT2 is 7 9’s or better.


So is this simply marketing bullshit? I can barely find any reference to this product outside their own website, although they say they have a VMware+Stratus partnership.


Until now I didn’t even realize that physical server FT was a thing. What if the Stratus chassis backplane fails? What happens then?

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