Studying for the vcp-dcv…

Would like any feedback on the test experience from anyone who’s taken it. What does the test look like, what type of questions does it contain, etc.? Thanks much.

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  1. Get real world experience, take the test, fail it, spend $50 on the answers from passleader, memorize the answers to the point where you can answer them without even looking at the question, take the exam again and pass…. continue with real world experience

  2. It’s boring and it’s multiple choice. Practice tests should get you through it, since a good 30% of the questions I got were all product feature related and had nothing to do with knowing the technology.

  3. Content libraries, auto deploy, port requirements for various services, predictive DRS, proactive HA, supported network load balancers, basic vSAN requirements. The list goes on, but if you can read some base articles on all the above off the VMware documents site it will help.

  4. Read the blueprint, make sure that you fully understand every objective. Sit the exam. Pass the exam.

    Absolutely not in agreement with folks advocating exam dumps. If you don’t have the skills then you won’t (or shouldn’t) get the cert.

  5. Passed the latest a few months ago (vcp 5, 6, and now “Datacenter 2019” certified).

    Real world experience and knowledge is an absolute must. Identifying your knowledge gaps from the exam blueprint and hitting those areas hard is required as well. Many, many, many lookup and re-reads of [kb.vmware.com](https://kb.vmware.com) articles.

    As much as I am morally against the “dumps”, you will certainly be well served by getting your hands on some realistic “practice exams”. The exams will throw some ultra-specific, rarely-used, esxicli command syntax question, which you will **not** know “off-hand”.

    Be prepared to have some real “head scratchers”.

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