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So:I use VMware Workstation Pro 12.

I use two VMs, Win7 and Win10.

Both OS versions are clean and not buggy, best packs I’ve tried to find.

Completely clean, fresh and up-to-date.

VMware tools installed? — Yes, of course.


On Win7 everything goes easy when I play World of Warcraft,

On Win10 SYSTEM process takes up to 30-50% of CPU + causes lags and stuttering to World of Warcraft when game window is ACTIVE (not at the background).

It also affects my System process on DESKTOP with a little bit less CPU usage.

Screenshot below refers to  VMware Win10.

I’ve downloaded Process Explorer and here is what I’ve found:




System process has been adressed by




Right now I am completely out of ideas and hoping someone could help me.

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