temp unmount / remount NFS DSs with exact same DS names? (quickest way)

What is the best/easiest way to temporarily unmount (or pause) and remount a NFS data store in vcenter? (ie if you need to do maintenance on the SAN)

I generally have the ability To temporarily storage vmotion almost all VMs to hosts direct attach disks

however in terms of remounting the NFS DataStores after maintenance, i fell like one has to write down the exact datastore names (of course the nfs path and IP must be same ) of all NFS data stores ***So that when you remount them after maintenance the DS names are exact exactly as before.*** I usually also take a screenshot of the vCenter datastore page/column before unmounting.

**Is there no way to pause NFS datastores, or some other quicker way to Automatically remount them with the exact same DS names?**


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  1. If I need to do maintenance I move all the VMs off it, if there are any, and then just let it go inaccessible. Once the maintenance is over it should recover without any issues.

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