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We have a very non best practice set up. Individually assigned VM’s ( no instant, or linked clones)


I have found that a large number of users that use Blast have an issue where the Teradici Driver seems complicate matters.

Essentially removing the device from the device manager ( and deleting the driver ) leave the DevTap driver behind and it defaults as the primary audio driver just fine.


My problem is that I have 1200 machines that need this driver removed. The only way I have found to do this is to manually log in and use the device manager.


I am looking for an automation solution. Everything that I have found so far only seems to work on physical computers with actual devices as apposed to this virtual device driver.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how this can be done?

I have tried the following tools and have had no success.



Device Console (DevCon.exe) Examples – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs



Alternative to device manager of Windows


I would appreciate any feedback or tips!







VMWare Virtual Audio (DevTap)

Teradici Virtual Audio Driver




Horizon 7.7 – Blast

Windows 7

Automatic Pools – (assigned machines)

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