Test Question ( VCAP DCV Design Exam )

Hey guys,


I have taken my VCP in 2018 , my VCAP Deploy in 2019 ( 6.5 ) and was putting off the design exam for a while now . I can see that the design exam has two options, one for 6.5 and the other for v7 .


I’m using the study guide of 6.7, I believe it’s generally not that far off. I might just check the delta for maximums and what’s new maybe .

My question is , do you recommend going for the v7 exam or the 6.5 ? What would be the major difference between the two exams ? I went through the blueprint, but it looks to me that they switched the domains and order, but the difference is not that much. Correct me if I’m wrong here please.

Thanks a lot.

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