The Complete Guide to VMware VCP Certification

The Complete Guide to VMware VCP Certification

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  1. The fact that you still have to sit for the training class is ridiculous. Years ago I had training credits when vsphere 4 was released, I was incredibly green with virtualization at the time and we had training credits thrown in with our purchase. At the time I didn’t have time to study for the VCP I was too busy standing up our virtual data center. Fast forward to today where I may actually have some time to sit for it I now have to go back an take the class.

    I have configured multiple vsphere instances, done upgrades, and maintained infrastructure for over a decade, but I can’t sit for the exam because of the scam training. So instead in that time I decided to pick up several certs outside of this disaster. The joke VCA, Cloud+, CySA+, CWNA and a few others I have experience with.

    Maybe someday when the prerequisite doesn’t have the training, then I’ll find it worth while to get. Until then I’ll wait and just remind myself how stupid it was when a friend of mine was trying to renew his VCAP and the bullshit they put him through.

  2. I’ve talked to a few IT hiring managers that said they would be fine if you just put on your resume that you passed the cert. Most of them think the class requirement is ridiculous.

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