The Homelab Show Episode 12: Public Cloud Alternatives

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  1. Hey guys. Good show. Would you be more specific sometimes. Remember you work with this stuff daily. If I may ask, before you discuss a topic give and an example and plain explanation of what it does. For example you talk about and http proxy throughout to protect stuff open to the public, how does it work and how is it generally setup? All proxy I know is squid proxy 🙂 And another example Ansible, what is it, what do you do with it and where do you set it up (in a 5 computer business or cloud or large production environment?) in short.

  2. Wendell! I'm so glad i saw this podcast! Lawrence and Wendell geeking out, can't wait to watch it till the end 🙂

  3. For Firefox I use their docker container syncserver. It saves all browser cloud stuff in a sqlite file. You just need to edit the token server on the browser configuration.

  4. I learned ZFS from Michael Lucas' two ZFS Mastery books.

    I download Youtube Let's Play series and make them available to Plex, it's slightly annoying as each game has to be its own library and sometimes Plex refuses to read the metadata but it works fairly well.

    I use Ubooquity for manga (Japanese comic books) but I'm looking to replace it with something that supports metadata like tags.

  5. On Nextcloud…

    If you are technical.. try Seafile. Why? Delta sync. Seafile will only transfer the part of the file that changed. So it is SUPER fast and efficient. Maybe Nextcloud has figured this out by now? Nextcloud is cool. It can do a lot. But Seafile is just so much more robust.

    The Nextcloud mobile app looks a little better than the Seafile app. But Seafile just performs so darn good.

    I have not found ANY storage system that can sync photos from a mobile device properly. For that, I have to use TrueNAS and a 3rd party sync app that uses SMB to sync. But that actually works.

  6. By the way.. if you are using self-hosted instead of cloud… you're not usually doing it to save money and time. It will require more of each.

  7. In my opinion… NGINX is better than HAPROXY for proxying apps. HAPROXY is fine for a few applications. I use HAPROXY for my main ingress servers. And then those point to another set of NGINX servers that do TLS and proxying. HAPROXY just makes a solid ingress and can pass TCP on to the real app servers. It does support Proxy Protocol (as does NGINX) and handles it very easily. So.. my HAPROXY servers are 100% transparent. You can't "see" those servers because the traffic is never "shown" as http traffic until it reaches the NGINX servers. Those HAPROXY servers are strictly a way to do load balancing with a ton of flexibility.

    Mail server: mailcow is THE way to go. But you need to know what you are doing. Use a third party service if you're not worried about privacy. But I would NEVER use gmail or office365 except for testing. Mailcow is dockerized. So.. if you DO know docker, you can probably set it up. But you WILL deal with IP reputation and that can take time to establish. But I've been running my own mail server for years. I care WAY too much about privacy.


    I once tried to setup a Linode account to check it out and they promptly terminated my account without warning or reason. As a SaaS service, I was like "OH HELL NO!". I can't risk using a service who will just my entire app down without warning. And my app has been around since 2007. It's not controversial and it's been hosted on DO, Vultr, and AWS. Nothing dangerous or violating and terms of services.

  8. Wendell slang log:
    4:26 – "Aaaaand it's already mining bitcoin"
    6:04 – "You're all existing happily in the kiddie pool and nothing bad will happen"
    8:57 – "Can't separate the real threats from the hacked toasters in Estonia"
    9:43 – "Wait, why are my cameras on shodan dot eye oh"
    10:48 – "Ok China, Russia, wait… Department of Defense IP addresses!?"
    11:26 – Tom got one: "I'm under attack! No no, the internet is under attack. You just turned it on and noticed."
    12:11 – "If you plug a fresh Windows 7 machine into the internet, the time delta to infection is still about 5 minutes"
    33:22 – "Let's learn all about Active Directory, family!"
    38:15 – "I keep hoping more people that aren't from 1903 make their way into politics"
    44:15 – "I'm gonna delete that because I'm the copyright police."
    53:04 – "The stay-at-home mom in Saskatchewan"
    54:24 – "On the 5 to 10 year timescale, all of that is lies"
    59:17 – "When you're standing so close to the void, the level of suffering and horribleness that you endure at the hands of technology… it marks you."
    1:01:53 – "I like big data processing and I cannot lie"

  9. Wendell's comments on plex alternatives were a bit disappointing. A bit more knowledge would be appreciated there.

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