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I’ve searched docs and forums, followed the suggested steps, re-installed . . . But brand new VMWare Workstation Pro v15.5 shows in my guest VM I’ve created, under Settings…General, that the “VMWare enhanced keyboard driver is not installed on the host”.

It should be!? I’ve triple verified the checkbox is selected to install it (and noted the advisement that a restart of the host O/S will be required, and was prompted each time).

This started as the lastest download at the time (v15), and upon installation checked for updates and immediately wanted to update to 15.5. That was a bit rocky, stumbling over the need to have Microsoft C++ Redistributable installed so the installed “tried”, but never completed (separate thread, now resolved).


Just in case it’s important, I also installed vCenter Standalone converter (anticipating I’ll have VM’s running elsewhere I’ll want to move to this host).


On the host O/S, Programs and Features, I’ve used “Change” and verified the enhance keyboard driver check box was selected.

I finally downloaded the full installer and installed on top of the existing. Both required restarts of the host O/S.


I can start the VM, but w/o the enhanced keyboard driver. The only ramifications I’ve noticed so far is the Windows Logo key and its + N keystroke combinations are completely ignored while in the VM.

I finally resorted to uninstalling Workstation Pro (with both boxes checked, removed configuration and remove licensing). Unexectedly, I was not prompted for a reboot afterwards. I did anyway. Reinstalling . . . No change. And although I had both checkboxes enabled to remove configuration (and licensing), after reinstalled it “remembered” the VM I had created. VMWare enhanced keyboard is still unavailable, and the Windows logo key has no functionality in the Server 2016 guest O/S – full screen or not.


Host is MS Server 2012 R2, guest is MS Server 2016 Standard with desktop experience, fresh install.


Neither VMWare Workstation Pro or Server 2016 have been licensed/activated yet – I do have keys for each, but would prefer to see them working nearly optimally before registering them.


Is there a known bug in WPro v15.5 in not properly installing the enhancekeyboard driver?

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