Thin Client for Horizon (Azulle Byte 3??)

We’re on Horizon 7.8 and i’m looking for new thin client options. Until now we’ve been using a linux based thin client but would like to switch to something windows based.

I’m testing the Azulle Byte 3 (mini PC). Any thoughts or suggestions?

We’re only using it to connect to the remote session so it should do the trick even though the processor isnt very strong.

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  1. Have you thought about 10ZiG? They have a whole bunch of different types (zero/thin and different OS options).

    I’ve got some posts on them here:





    They can be centrally managed via the 10ZiG Manager software (free). If you’re interested, do a search of 10ZiG on the StephenWagner blog and there’s a bunch more posts/tutorials on the management software, using with DUO, etc…

    EDIT/ADDITION: I use one as my daily driver with 2 displays (the 5948qv model I’m using supports 3 displays).

  2. Why do you want Windows based? For us, the point of using a thin client was to get rid of Windows. One less device to license for Windows, antivirus, etc. Thin client is so much easier to manage than full Windows. Also in our testing the Linux based thin clients cause less issues with horizon than did full Windows ones (either thick or thin).

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