Training requirements for VCP holders

I’ve heard that once you have a VCP, you no longer are required to attend the $4,000 trainings to take future VCP exams.

My work is paying for my VCP-DW 2019 training, and assuming I pass the exam, I’m interested in later self-studying for the VCP-DCV 2019 (I have a homelab and VMUG Advantage so I don’t see the need to pay $4k and take 5 days off work when I can take my time studying on my own).

When I look at the website detailing the VCP-DCV, it does say that you can skip the training if you have a *VCP-DW 2018*, but it says nothing about VCP-DW 2019. Does the page just need to be updated for 2019 or is VMware changing the policy and my VCP-DW 2019 won’t allow me to skip future trainings?

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