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Hello all,


I am testing VMware Workstation Player, and VMware Workstation Pro, current version 15.5.6.


I created a Windows 10 64-bit virtual machine, and two Linux virtual machines.


Linux fstrim, and Windows 10 retrim of free space, do not seem to work.


My question is, does trim work when deleting files in virtual machines, by informing the host SSD for the unallocated space?


Just for comparison, trim works in VirtualBox virtual machines, if you run once in Host OS, the command:

vboxmanage storageattach “virtual machine name” –storagectl “SATA” –port 0 –type hdd –medium “virtual hard disk name.vdi” –nonrotational on –discard on


When you run fstrim / retrim free space, or delete files, in the Guest OS, the virtual hard disk gets resized, and the Host SSD gets informed of the unallocated space.


Thank you a lot.

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