Trying to get my nerve up to take the, 2V0-21.19 am I studying right?

So I’ve been deploying, upgrading, using vCenter since 4.0, but the environments are small. Anywhere from 4-12 hosts, 2 datacenters max, 2 vcenter servers with ELM, 50-300 VMs. I’ve done both external and all-in-one PSCs. All the environments have been enterprise plus from the get go, so I have more experience with vDS than I do vSS. The vast majority of my experience has been with iSCSI using the software initiator. We’ve never had the environmental need to use resource pools, but I keep a pretty tidy house using VM/Datastore folders, a fair number of affinity and anti-affinity rules, and I love tags. I’ve never touched vSAN and vvols I have played with, but we still mostly use VMFS volumes due to backup/recovery reasons with Veeam and storage. I’m in vcenter roughly every day doing something, but I’m still a jack of all trades type sysadmin, so lots of AD, networking, O365, random project whatever, again small shops. So that’s my experience.

Historically, my companies haven’t been willing to pay for the training for me (part of the reason I’m collecting relevant certs to my experience now, and VCP is a long standing one I’ve been missing for years). I found out about Stanley and went through the courses with them. I still need to take the foundation exam, but was going to follow up with the actual 2V0-21.19 exam after I took the foundation.

I’m not new to taking exams, I did the Cloud+ beta 2.5 years ago (passing this should satisfy the CEs to extend it). I did the CySA+ beta this past year. And the year prior to that CWNA, and over 10 years ago now I did the A+, so I’m a little all over the board. But VCP seems to hold more weight to me and I’ve struggled finding good study sources. I always hear the white papers are the way to go, but man that’s rough reading to just hammer that all day long.

So to finally get to my question. Study materials and practice tests? I’ve always been fortunate that all the programs for my other certs I would do Pluralsight or Linux Academy or have a book that walked through examples etc… And every single one had practice tests that made me at least feel prepared. Are there any suggestions to get me to that point? Study guide wise, I’ve been slowly and painfully reading the white papers, and then I’ve been using the Nakivo study guide, only it feels a little light. I’d take any recommendations at this point.

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  1. Hi, get the foundation out the way. It’s non-proctored so if you get stuck you can always go back to course material during the exam, hopefully not too many times 🙂

    If you’ve been using vSphere since 4.0 you should be a pretty seasoned admin by now, have you had experience building them scratch? Any DVS config as well?

    The hol.vmware.com are also great for playing about and they’ve got some pretty good test labs with objectives as well.

    End of the day, might be worth just giving it a shot, even if you do fail you’ll know what to study for the next shot. There’s no shame in failing.

  2. If you’ve taken the Stanly course then you need to make sure you book the correct version of the exams as they aren’t the same as when doing the course with VMware or a VMware authorised training centre.

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