Trying to get VM passthrough working on ESXi 6.5u1 with an Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter

After researching with add-on NIC to buy for my ESXi lab server I settled on the [Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter](https://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility/detail.php?deviceCategory=io&productid=4632&deviceCategory=io&details=1&partner=46&releases=367&keyword=82574&deviceTypes=6&page=1&display_interval=10&sortColumn=Partner&sortOrder=Asc) (listed here on the VMware HCL). A big reason for this is because [this VMware KB](https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/1001805) lists the E1000E as being modeled after the Intel 82574, which is the controller the NIC uses.

My host is an Mac Pro 1.1 running ESXi 6.5u1

However, I cannot enable pass-through on the NIC – is it just not supported? I am checking in the ESXi web-client here:



Many thanks, all!


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