UAG 3.6 Reverse Proxy based on domain?

I am working on fixing my reverse proxy setup now that i have moved to the UAG instead of a security servers. OF course the UAG has taken over 443 and 80 now so i cant figure out how to get any web sites actually published / through the UAG. I was using NGINX to re route things based on the whatever domain it was coming in. So domain1.com whent to webserver 1, domain 2 got send over to webserver 2, and so on.

But i see no way to do this in the UAG, granted its a lot of foreign concepts to me with the proxy patterns and such, so maybe im just completely messing this up. But ive been through the Documentation on reverse proxy 10 times in the last week and ive been going over the horizon writeup from Carl Stalhood for months and still cant figure this out, so short of ripping out the UAG and replacing it with the nginx setup i was running im at a loss here.

Can this be done? Did i miss a step or some documentation on this?

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  1. If I am understanding this right yes you can do that. In the UAG guide look up Identity Bridging. Follow that guide except the identity piece. There is a hole reverse proxy section. In order to have rules each reverse proxy must have a unique proxy host and pattern combo. Host being the host header and pattern bring for instance IIS directory.

    1 – uaga.company.com & * – goes to internalweb1.company.local
    2 – uagb.company.com & */site1/* – goes to internalweb2.company.local
    3 – uagb.company.com & */site2/* – goes to internalweb3.company.com

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