Ubuntu VMs accessing Datastore files

Hello everyone, I am having some trouble setting up my ESXi server 6.0 the way i want too but I have no idea how to, nor if it can be done. But basically the image is a rough idea of what i am trying to do. So basically, I have a Plex server running in a Ubuntu VM (20 GB storage) and I want to be able to attach/read/mount a datastore, or more specifically my 8TB internal hard drive that has movie/photo/video files. I know I can get away with by adding a new hard disk to VM1 and making the size 8TB and adding my movies inside the VMDK. But I dont want to do that because I’d rather be able to see all the files in folders, than just seeing `1_file_(file_size_8TB).vmdk`

I was under the impression that I can create a datastore and any VMs under that host will be able to at least be able to read what is in that datastore.

Is what I am trying to achieve possible? If not possible the way I explained it, then maybe something along the lines of creating a NAS or vSAN (both of which i have no idea how to setup, just quickly read about them) where again, all VMs (with proper permissions) are able to read/write to the NAS/vSAN?


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  1. Either move the files to a NAS or move them into a VM and serve them up via NFS, you’re life will be significantly easier. As far as I know there isn’t an easy pr supported way to present files from a datastore to a VM. There are ways I’m aware of but I very highly do not recommend them.

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