Unable to access running docker containers in vSphere Integrated Containers

Hi, does anyone have VIC vSphere Integrated Containers working in a lab environment? Im using DHCP and have configured VIC, a DS Switch and a virtual container host. Everything seems okay, i can access the various admin panels and see the vch in the vSphere Client.

My vch has a 192.168 IP and the when i deploy docker containers, they deploy successfully and start with a 172 IP. The issue I have is that i cannot access the docker containers once they are running. I have mapped ports when i deploy from the repository but im unable to even access for example an nginx container in my browser, although i see its running successfully.

Im sure i’ve done something wrong but cant pinpoint what. Any hints are appreciated?

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  1. I’ve played around with VIC a bit here, although the networking was tricky to get a handle on.

    For troubleshooting you should be able to deploy a container on the public network with an external mapping, and test that from your workstation. If that still doesn’t work, I’d look at the docker network config itself (on the VCH) and try to see where its getting lost at, and if you can hit the container locally on that network.

    The docs are also super helpful for working through these kinds of issues. VMware did a pretty good job of breaking everything down – https://vmware.github.io/vic-product/assets/files/html/1.4/vic_app_dev/network_use_cases.html

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