Unable to Add Existing Disk/Datastore to New VM

I’m new to VMware and we have a 6.5 environment. In the vSphere web client, I’m trying to build a new VM with multiple disks (separate datastores). I’m able to add Disk 1 as the OS system disk without issue, but I’m not able to attach the other disks/datastores I’ve also created and they’re viewable.

When I click Add Device, I’m able to select Add Existing Hard Disk and I’m able to see the datastore I’ve created, but the web client appears to only allow me to add .vmdk files? I see other SQL servers in our environment (created before my time) with multiple disks but I’m unable to replicate this.

I have not yet created the new VM since it’s pretty critical that it have multiple disks (new SQL server). Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thank you.

EDIT: Thanks, u/olqs and u/JMMD7. I was missing a key step when trying to add a new disk. I didn’t click the drop-down arrow for the new disk properties and select where to store the .vmdk file. Once I clicked Location > Browse and chose the datastore I previously created, I could add the additional disk successfully. Curiously, I could not find these steps documented (click down arrow/Location/Browse) anywhere. Thanks, again.

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  1. Are you trying to add an existing VMDK or a brand new disk to the server? If brand new just select to add a disk and select whatever datastore you want the disk stored on. That’s it. If you choose existing disk it’s trying to load an existing VMDK. If there’s someone there who has done this before you really should ask for help if this is all new to you.


  2. You have to choose the new harddisk option.
    Each harddisk of a VM is a vmdk file in a datastore.
    So Just add a new disk and choose the datastore you want.

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