Unable to get into VCSA Console – Can’t Reset Root PW

Hi Guys,

So I am trying to troubleshoot an issue I’m getting when accessing the web portal:

503 Service Unavailable (Failed to connect to endpoint: [N7Vmacore4Http20NamedPipeServiceSpecE:0x00005649715dbc80] _serverNamespace = / action = Allow _pipeName =/var/run/vmware/vpxd-webserver-pipe)


Now in trying to troubleshoot, I’m trying to login to either 1. enable SSH, or 2. get access into the actual console. It’s not accepting the Root password. I’ve tried resetting it using the GRUB rw init=/bin/bash etc where you type in passwd and simply reset it. I’ve done a lot of looking online and everything is pointing to that, however when I follow that, and whilst I get the password reset successfully notification, it’s not accepting my newly created password.

Has anyone seen this before and any ideas as to why this would be happening?

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  1. Okay, so I worked it out.

    Needed to start all the services first:

    service-control –start –all

    Once that was done, it allowed me to get into the server. Turns out it was DNS issue. Pointing to the wrong DNS server which had been decommissioned. Updating that and then rebooting the server allowed me to log back in 🙂 I think it’s applmgmt service that needs to run to allow you to login.

  2. When I’ve encountered that message, it was because I didn’t wait long enough for the services to load up after a reboot. It always seems to take 5+ minutes to access the GUI after a reboot.

  3. I am going through this right now.

    I have regained Vcenter login from console but have not been able to get the browser to work. It has something to do with the Certificates.

    Here are different pages that helped me.





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