Unable to login to physical pc via Horizon manual pool

we’ve been using a manual pool with pc’s with the horizon agent installed for about 5 months now with no issues (horizon 7.10 agent, w10 1803 and 1809 mix). suddenly yesterday, we get a slew of tickets where users trying to login first thing in the morning get timed out, machine not available, or other messages.

as far as we can tell, no new windows updates, gpo’s applied, etc. we can’t find any thing in vdm logs, sccm logs, gpresult, event logs.

so far the workaround has been reboot until it works. have tried updating the agent to 7.11 (no difference on initial reboot) and updating to the latest windows update.

any other ideas we can try or look at? I have a feeling it will propagate through our entire install base ( about 10 users so far, but we have about 100 total)

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