Unable to passthrough single port for Dell r730xd with Broadcom/Qlogic BCM 57800-T 10GB BASE rNDC on ESXi 6.7U3

Hi guys, I have a Dell PowerEdge r730xd SFF with a Dell Broadcom/QLogic BCM 57800-T 10GB BASE-T 2+2P rNDC. I’ve updated all the firmwares to the latest available.

I’ve installed ESXi 6.7U3 and tried to passthrough a single 10gbit port on the rNDC to a VM on the ESXi but it’s causing the ESXi to passthrough the whole rNDC with the 4 ports to the VM.

Is it a bug, or it’s working as how it should be?

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  1. Passthrough work at the pci level so if it shows as 1 card with 4 ports and not 4 pci cards it’s working correctly.

    Instead of passthrough on a NIC you can use SR-IOV..

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