Unable to update VMware cluster (file creation error)

I’m trying to run updates and I get the weirdest error message in vcenter:

“Cannot complete file creation operation: The maximum attempts to find a uniquie directory name has been reached” What’s weird is it’s for the task “create virtual machine” which i’m not doing.

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  1. Check that /tmp isn’t full on your ESXi hosts. I ran into a bug on some HPE servers where the HPE Agentless management service had a runaway log file under /tmp. Just run “vdf -h” to see your volume sizes. That’s usually where I start if I run into issues updating. Otherwise start looking at log files — /var/log/esxupdate.log is where I would start for update issues.

    Come to think of it, I had issues with log files on some IBM servers as well. It’s not an uncommon thing for the /tmp directory to fill up and things start breaking I guess.

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