Unified Access Gateway Bandwidth limitation


I currently have a question regarding the Unified Access Gateway (UAG) in combination with Horizion. I experience currently the following behavior:
– while connecting via the Horizon Client through the Connection Server to a Client Session, everything runs smooth and nice. I see a bandwith usage of approx. 10Mbit (while doing large CAD roations – using BLAST protocol)
– while connecting via the Horizon Client through the UAG tunnel to the Connection Server and in the end to a Client Session, I reach at max. 2Mbit per Session and the application is not as smooth as expected.

There’s now my question: Is there a limit within the UAG connect to 2Mbit per User/per Connection as VMware aspect for a WAN connection not more bandwidth should be used? I couldn’t find anything on the offical VMware documentation about such kind of “quota”. Maybe some of you can help me out here?
Used versions: UAG 3.8, Horizon 7.11

Thanks in Advance!

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