Unregister VM in Free EXSi 6.7?

Power fluctuations apparently resulted in damage to the USB flash drive that ESXi 6.7 free was running from. Created a new flash drive and was able to use it to recover/re-register four of six VMs. My Windows XP and Windows 8.1 VMs were marked as invalid when I tried to re-register them and I am stuck. The “unregister” command is greyed out and I haven’t a clue what to try now. Is the “unregister” command, in fact, not available in the free version?

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  1. Try “Remove from Inventory”. This will remove the VM config from the hypervisor but leaves the files on disk in your datastore. Then you can turn around and “Register new VM” by browsing the datastore and locating the VM config file. (I think it’s .vmx?)

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