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Hi All,Im managing a small group of android tablets for a client but looking to add another couple of hundred later this year so am trying to make sure I get the basics down. I have added applications via the the Apps and Books > Native > Public. Google Drive, Chrome, Gmail etc. and also added them to the Launcher for my team.

However, I now notice that the version of chrome is WAY out of date and even though I have set policies in airwatch to Auto Update apps and devices, only one device updated last night to 8.1 from 7 and none of them updated their apps. Even my test unit permanently connected to WiFi and rebooted/pushed many times still has the old version of chrome.

As a test I told airwatch to delete Chrome from my devices, it shows “MDM Removed” in the console but its still up and running on my tablets and showing in Launcher..

I’m sure its something stupid im missing, any advice is welcomed.
Thanks in advance.


Found out that my tech who set it up had added some apps to the parent org, instead of the Android group. So when i removed apps from the android group they inherited back again from the parent. I deleted all the apps to start again and re-push them in the correct group. Now have run into an issue when adding some of the apps it states “This application has already been added to the console” but doesnt show the app anywhere :/ opened a support ticket with VMWare, let the pros figure it out!

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  1. Only used for a short time a few years back meraki mdm, but even then some android devices had a weird behaviour compared with iphones … try testing with a stock android image without the added crap of the manufacturer

  2. Make sure you didn’t just retire the app but rather deleted them…

    On the app version comment. The Google Play app is actually in charge of that. You push down a profile to allow or disallow auto app updates. After Play had installed the app, it will manage the updates.

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