Update VCSA host server

Got 2 hosts, one is running VCSA and scratching my head trying to figure out how to update it.
UI sure don’t work, HA requires at least 3 nodes.

Any suggestions?

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  1. vMotion the vCSA to the server NOT being patched. Patch the server. Repeat.

    If you can’t vMotion the vCSA for whatever reason, assuming it’s on shared storage, remove it from inventory on one machine and add it to inventory on the other.

    If it’s not on shared storage, you’re going to have to shut it down and patch the host it’s on via the command line.

  2. If HA or DRA is enabled on the cluster, you may have to disable them to patch your hosts. As mentioned by jnew1213, just vMotion things to other hosts. Just placing your host in maintenance mode should do that automagically so long as you leave the box to not change power state checked.

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