Updating HPE Proliant G10s with ESXi 6.7 custom image

A while back I built x8 HPE Proliant G10s all on ESXi 6.7 U1. There seem to be some stability issues due to drivers and other problems related to vsphere replication with this build.

I want to update all hosts to the latest HPE 6.7 U3 and get all the latest drivers from HPE installed. What is the easiest/safest way to achieve this? Can I just boot the servers in to the ESXi iso using iLO and run the iso choosing the update option? Will this also update all the drivers or just the OS?

Also my vcenter is 6.7 U1, is it ok to update your ESXi hosts past the version that vcenter is running at? Is 6.7 u3 ESXi hosts on a 6.7 u1 vcenter?

Thanks for any help!

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  1. Patch vCenter first.

    You can update via iLO. Much faster than Gen9 servers. You can also upload ISO into Update Manager and push that way. You _should_ also be able to push direct from Update Manager. If you do that, make sure you have the HPE VIB depot in vUM as well. Get the newer drivers as well.

  2. If you run 6.7u1 vcenter it won’t allow you to update a host past its build via vum. Upgrade your vcenter first then push out via Vum is my preferred way of doing it. You can add the hpe vib repository into vum then when you update the host it’ll update all the other hpe like ams. It fixes some stuff, mostly bugs.

  3. Update vCenter first, always. We’re also using 6.7 U1 with Gen10 servers and getting some of the driver’s related errors for SCSI controller.


    Please let me know how your update go.

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