Updating Platform Service Controllers

So I am putting in new Cisco UCS blades and have the PSC’s embedded, and I can’t join my current environment because my PSC’s are external. I tried to embed them last week but kept getting DNS errors, I opened a support call with VMware (and that turned into 15 hours worth of support over two days) and hopefully got everything sorted out. One of the things they recommended was to power off all my PSC’s and vCenter servers and take a snapshot of each. If I power off my vCenters that would cause downtime for my virtual desktops, well it would prevent logins from happening anyway. It just seems like overkill to power everything down, snapshot it, and then power everything back up. Is powering off all of these servers really necessary? Can I just uncheck ” Snapshot the virtual machine’s memory?”

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  1. Powering off everything ensure when you restore everything is in the same state.. If you snapshot everything and restore it they will all be at slightly different points in time.


    If VMware support recommend it, just do it. I went a step further and backed up my configs to an FTP server to be safe.


    At the end of the day, once you converge things will work much better and be simple. VMware support know their product. This is the most robust way to backup. the esxi hosts will continue to run. But if things do hit the fan, you will be VERY happy you did the powered off snap.

  2. Powering down can be impactful but is the easier way to rollback, if you can not afford an entire downtime, taking a file-based backup of each node in the SSO domain will allow you to restore in case a failure occurs.

  3. It’s been an issue with the pscs for a while.

    With vCenter Server 6.7 Update 1, you can restore external Platform Services Controller instances which are replicating data with other external Platform Services Controller instances. This includes restore of external Platform Services Controller instances in all topologies supported in replication mode. The external Platform Services Controller being restored syncs with active peers or if no replication partner is available, it is restored to a backed-up state.

    I was sooooo happy to see this

  4. Starting with vcenter 6.5 you can split that vcenter to external psc than use the domain rejoin tool to migrate it to you current sso. 6.5 had some kinks with it 6.7U3 much better for this but not 100% also I’m assuming you’re using vcsa.

    But before you do anything at all to do with domain rejoin and migrations I highly recommend all vCenters/psc to be powered off and snaps taken without memory to have a consultant estate.

    Also if you use your own ssl with vmca you might run into some issues. Well I did anyways. Good luck!

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