Upgrade ESXi hard drive

Hi all,
We have 2x 146GB hard disk on all 4 of our ESXi server.
We intend to upgrade the hard disk to 2x 300GB.
May we know what are the best method to perform the hard disk upgrade with as little downtime as possible?

The ESXi server are using HP DL360p G8 with HP P420i as RAID controller.

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  1. Ok, I think a DL360p G8 has at least 4 hard drive bays. If so, this leaves you two open in current situation. Use those two bays for your two new hard drives, on boot, build a second RAID array and once ESXI is on, you should see a new data store. At that point, you can literally just copy the files from one data store to another.

    That said, a few notes – if you’re running RAID 0, that’s risky. With either RAID 0 or 1, you may want to take this opportunity to by 2 more 300GB (total 4) and switch to RAID 5 which will be slightly harder than I described above but will give you much more space moving forward.

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