Upgrading from ESXI 6.7 to 7.0 Missing VIB Dependency Errors

I have an HP DL380 Gen10 server we recently bought, and the vendor put ESXI 6.7 on it, but I need 7.0 for the licensing we purchased. I downloaded the ISO, Rufus’ed it to a USB drive, and booted the server to it. I chose the option to upgrade esxi and preserve the existing configuration.

I then received the error in the picture, and to scroll down it lists about 24 VIBs in total. I assume the company we purchased the server from has their own 6.7 ISO for HPE servers and it loads these, or they did it manually after loading.

Either way, my question is, is it better to remove them as the end of the error message simply says, or since these are VIBs I presumably want, should I attempt to upgrade them first, and then see if the esxi upgrade goes through without issue? Would it even allow me to upgrade them to a esxi 7 compatible version if 6.7 is still installed, or would that create a whole new set of issues?

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