Usage Meter 3.5 – Signed certificate?

Hi /r/vmware

I’ve ran into an issue trying to add a vCenter instance to our usage meter. When trying to add x.x.x.x to it, this error is shown;

There was a problem checking the certificate for x.x.x.x:443. Could not obtain certificate

I’ve checked this guide [here](https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2047572), but I don’t believe this will fix my issue, as wouldn’t I need to import the cert into usage meter?

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  1. As previously mentioned, you should work on getting upgraded to 3.6.1 of Usage Meter. I thought it was already a requirement, but I can’t find the article that mentioned that, so it may be in the near future.

    You have to deploy a new appliance but there is a migration script that will bring over your 3.5 config so it isn’t too bad. There is also a Hotfix 3 for 3.6.1 so after downloading the appliance, make sure to install the latest HF.

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