USB WebCam with Horizon View (PCoIP)

I’ve been tasked with exploring desktop video conferencing over VDI to a zero client running Teradici firmware.

I’ve seen the VMware documentation saying that this isn’t supported, but still I have my orders.

When I try to plugin a usb webcam I get a popup that says that devices behind a high-speed hub are not allowed. I suspect that there is a hub because of the microphone built into the camera.

It seems to me that I need to find a USB camera that doesn’t have an onboard microphone. Does anyone know of any?

Edit: I talked with the vendor of the zero clients. The problem is that all of the accessible usb ports are behind a high speed hub. Because of that the teradici firmware doesn’t support most devices.

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  1. vmware says this isn’t supported? really? using what?


    we have customers doing teams and skype for business video calls on horizon 7 without issue…via both the client and tera2 zeros (dell).

  2. A common security practice is to disable USB devices other than keyboard and mouse on the PCoIP panels via View Horizon, so it most likely is setup this way. I know some of it is configured in the View Horizon client installer but likely has more going on in View Horizon itself.

    Sorry I dont have more definitive information but this might put you on the right track.

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