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So i have a question hoping someone can help me. Sorry for the silly question, fairly new to Vsphere


I have the following setup:


Vsphere 7 host with a Vcentre 6 client.

All my Vms will be on Vcenter.

The host is connected to a Domain Controller/DNS running Zentyal .

All these are running on a private network with a router, of which is connected to the main network.

I have port forwarded Vcenter, so that users can access Vcentre from the main network.

But the issue is, approximately 30 to 40 users will be connecting to Vcenter, thus, i need to create users profiles for all these users.

If i use SSO, is there a change password at first time login function

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  1. Three things:

    * Using vCenter 6.x to manage ESXi 7 is not supported.
    * If your users exist on Zentyal (not sure if this is emulating AD, or being used as LDAP), then why not just add the users from the directory to vCenter? That way you don’t need to add separate user accounts. If you do this, then you manage the credentials at Zentyal.
    * Why do 30-40 people need access to vCenter? Are they all admins?

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