Using cloud-init in VMware Esxi with config-drive

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to make few modification in my VM using cloud-init with config-drive.

I’m having a yaml file named user-data with my configurations.


– mkdir /home/abc

I’m using genisoimage to create the config-drive.

genisoimage -o my_conf_drive.iso -volid cidata -r <dir_with_conf_files>

But it’s not working.

I’m seeing this in cloud-init.log –

[DataSourceNoCloud.py](https://DataSourceNoCloud.py)[WARNING]: device /dev/sr0 with label=cidata not avalid seed

[handlers.py](https://handlers.py)[DEBUG]: finish: init-local/search-NoCloud: SUCCESS: no local data found from DataSourceNoCloud

Please, let me know what I’m doing wrong ??

Do I need to make any changes in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg ???


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