Using flash storage partially for virtual flash read cache, and partially for .. ideas wanted.

I have two 256GB NVMe flash devices installed in each of my servers, and one is fully allocated as a single datastore while the other storage device has 64GB of the 256GB capacity assigned as virtual flash read cache. However, the other ~192GB of storage on that devices does not become visible for datastore creation or anything else.

What else can I use the remaining storage for? Is there a way I can assign a datastore to it? After all random access on the device is very fast, and I only need that 64GB of it at most for the vflash read cache. Are there other configurations in VMware that can utilize this remaining storage that I am not aware of? I say ‘other configurations’ because I am thinking also about third-party iSCSI acceleration-via-flash-caching proprietary modules like VirtuCache (vnx2) etc but am not aware of what else could benefit from that remaining storage space.

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  1. vFRC requires the entire drive to be dedicated to the vFRC resource pool.

    It uses a VFFS partition format; You can’t use unused space for VMFS datastores.

    You can use the vFRC resource for host swap in additional to VMDK read cache.

  2. I would think you can create a vmfs partition on the remaining space, if vCenter or the HostUI isnt giving the option you can just use partedUtil. As far as what to utilize the remaining space for good question. Are you running any database applications in the environment, anything with high amount of I/O that could benefit?

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