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Hello everyone,


I am currently trying to attach a datastore to a host of mine on vsphere. It isn’t working on this 1 out of 4 of them. I have tried a few things but it still won’t attach it and it just says can’t connect to the NFS server. I tried both through vsphere and CLI with no avail.

So I was hoping I could take the configuration of one ESXi and use it on the ESXi host that I can’t get it to attach too. Is there anyway to do this? I keep getting a vim.fault.mismatchedbundle while trying to use the backup on the bad ESXi host.


Let me know what you think and thanks in advance.

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  1. Have you verified that the NFS export is configured to allow this other host to connect? Almost all NFS issues I’ve seen are on the storage side – it’s super simple from a vSphere perspective.

    You can use PowerCLI to export the host firmware and then import on another, but bear in mind that this will make the host an identical configuration, so you’re going to see IP conflicts and the like.

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