vCenter Backup and Recovery – Linked mode

For those running 3 or more 6.7 vcenters in linked mode, I’m keen to hear how you guys handle backup and recovery, particularly when you’re prepping for routine maintenance like patching / upgrades etc.


We have 3 x linked mode 6.7U3 vCenters each in different time zones, and I learned the following facts the hard way recently:


– Image level backups are definitely not supported, even with 6.7 (guess we should throw away our rubrik backups!)

– Before any upgrade maintenance, *all* vcenters in the SSO domain should be shut down and snapped and/or backed up while in this state. Snaps while the vcenters are powered on are not valid recovery points, even if they are taken at the same time and quiesced.


Naturally we take daily file based vcenter backups, and we do try to kick all these off at the same time accommodating for time zones. Presumably, file based restores are able to deal with object version / conflicts occurring in PSC replication?


This comes at a time where I’m being asked to consider growing our linked mode environment from 3 embedded vcsa’s to 9. Given my recent experience, the thought of it makes me shudder.


What are you lot doing?

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