vcenter or vmware host monitoring RAID / other hardware

hello all,


forgive me, i am new with vmware as we’ve recently started working with some folks with it. my issue hopefully i can boil things down to a few points and the question. our objective is to monitor dell hardware raid array / disk failure on esxi hosts.


* we are familiar with monitoring dell server hardware (raid status, physical disk status) with Dell OpenManage system administrator. usually this is via SMNP and a monitoring service, or logging into Dell OMSA.
* in vcenter ive explored the alert settings and not found hardware disk monitoring. i see datastore, but we need specifically disk monitoring for raid arrays. predictive fail, disk failure, etc., i.e. when a red light would show on the front of the server disk carriage.
* *is there any way we can monitor disk failure from vmware/vcenter alerts? its quite a lot, so im in the thick of it; but cannot find hardware disk monitoring.


* we’ve been told we can install a ‘dell vendor pack’ on the host in maint mode. the package is installed with a command in the vmware command line, and must be run as root specifically. We do not have the password to root, however we have an admin account (host or windows auth) that we operate vcenter with full rights.
* *vmware support stated specifically this package has to be installed as root, nothing else. is that true? we are trying to figure this out before we schedule downtime.


we are hoping to simply monitor hardware disk failure with vcenter alerts, or, explore other simple options for hardware monitoring. we’ve dug around with articles and support, and this environment needs work, but our first objective here is the disks.

thanks so much. hopefully this is a quick answer for dell esxi person.

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  1. You have a couple of options…

    1. The Dell OMSA VIB can be installed via the web client, no root required, but a reboot would be. But you will need a OSMA web server to view/interact (as you know)—it can also be done via SNMP.[https://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/04/how10613/how-to-install-openmanage-server-administrator-omsa-on-vmware-to-collect-logs?lang=en#7](https://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/04/how10613/how-to-install-openmanage-server-administrator-omsa-on-vmware-to-collect-logs?lang=en#7)
    2. OMIVV is another option, which has a ton of other features but does allow for alerting natively in vSphere as well as integration with things like Proactive HA.[https://www.dell.com/support/manuals/us/en/04/openmanage-integration-vmware-vcenter-v5.0/omivv_ug_5.0/openmanage-integration-for-vmware-vcenter-version-50-users-guide?guid=guid-5b8de7b7-879f-45a4-88e0-732155904029&lang=en-us](https://www.dell.com/support/manuals/us/en/04/openmanage-integration-vmware-vcenter-v5.0/omivv_ug_5.0/openmanage-integration-for-vmware-vcenter-version-50-users-guide?guid=guid-5b8de7b7-879f-45a4-88e0-732155904029&lang=en-us)

    actually remembered one more, however I do not believe it will help you achieve what you’re looking for;

    Dell EMC iDRAC Service Module

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