vCenter refuses to start

Have a vCenter that won’t start and wondering if anyone has seen it before.

It’s VC 6.5U2 on Windows. Error starting is;

2019-08-24T23:07:54.209+08:00 error vpxd[08652] [Originator@6876 sub=Vmomi] [VpxVmomi] Double register of key: ‘DynamicTypeManager-22’ and name: ”
2019-08-24T23:08:32.824+08:00 info vpxd[08652] [Originator@6876 sub=Default] CoreDump: Writing minidump
2019-08-24T23:08:33.257+08:00 panic vpxd[08652] [Originator@6876 sub=Default]
–> Panic: NOT_REACHED boravpxcommonvpxVmomi.cpp:850
–> Backtrace:
–> [backtrace begin] product: VMware VirtualCenter, version: 6.5.0, build: build-6816762, tag: vpxd, cpu: x86_64, os: windows, buildType: release
–> backtrace[00] vmacore.dll[0x001F2D4A]
–> backtrace[01] vmacore.dll[0x000685C0]
–> backtrace[02] vmacore.dll[0x0006AA8E]
–> backtrace[03] vmacore.dll[0x00224E77]
–> backtrace[04] vmacore.dll[0x00225041]
–> backtrace[05] vmacore.dll[0x0003425D]
–> backtrace[06] vmacore.dll[0x0003428C]
–> backtrace[07] vpxd.exe[0x0121E0E0]
–> backtrace[08] MSVCR120.dll[0x00066920]
–> backtrace[09] MSVCR120.dll[0x0005E36D]
–> backtrace[10] ntdll.dll[0x000A9BC3]
–> backtrace[11] vpxd.exe[0x000CF4D6]
–> backtrace[12] vpxd.exe[0x002F63C4]
–> backtrace[13] vpxd.exe[0x002BC582]
–> backtrace[14] vpxd.exe[0x001A498C]
–> backtrace[15] vpxd.exe[0x001C8064]
–> backtrace[16] vpxd.exe[0x00235B4B]
–> backtrace[17] vpxd.exe[0x002391EB]
–> backtrace[18] vpxd.exe[0x00482067]
–> backtrace[19] vpxd.exe[0x004828B7]
–> backtrace[20] vpxd.exe[0x01181CC3]
–> backtrace[21] KERNEL32.DLL[0x00008364]
–> backtrace[22] ntdll.dll[0x0006E851]
–> [backtrace end]
2019-08-24T23:08:33.268+08:00 info vpxd[08652] [Originator@6876 sub=SupportMgr] Wrote uptime information

Can’t see for the life of me what “Double Register of Key: DynamicTypeManager-22 even means. All that happened was the server was restarted, prior to the restart it was working 100%.

We use Veeam for backups if that makes any difference….

Edit: Correction it’s VC 6.5 U2

Edit: Update#1 – Managed to get vCenter going again…. by using a backup that was 29 days old (that was the last time Windows was patched), so not sure wtf happened between then and now. vCenter is back… time to get onto the VCSA!

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  1. This is what I would do:

    1- Call VMware and have them look at it.

    2- Consider restoring from backup the vCenter, try to get a recent one with minimal changes before it crashed

    3- Once it’s running again, plan out the Windows to Appliance migration asap. The appliance is massively more efficient than Windows running vCenter. Especially the database portion. It’s smaller/easier to backup and restore. Only downside is it’s pretty much a guaranteed call to VMware IF something goes wrong, although I’ve never seen one go wrong yet.

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