vCenter Server showing degraded – Complaining about memory. Fresh install hosted on vSAN Storage

Hey All

Recently deployed a 2 node vSAN, and am hosting VCSA for this on the vSAN Storage. Just did a simple guided install – TINY setting.

It deployed with 10gb mem, standard default settings.

It’s constantly in a degraded state saying the memory is degraded. It’s a brand new install – nothing running on this vSAN yet (aside from 2 test VMs)

Even bumped the memory to 12gb, but still getting complaints.

Anyone have any idea why?

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  1. Had something similar happen on a tiny 6.7U2 VCSA (including slowdowns in the HTML5 client over time even after a clean reboot, i.e. clearly a leak.) Even 32 GB of RAM were “not enough”. Couldn’t resolve it directly, cleared itself up after upgrading the VCSA VM to 6.7U3.

    A possibly related symptom was that the perf charts under the VAMI Monitoring tab were empty when logged in with the root user, but were correctly populated when logged in with another admin user created manually. Are the charts populated for you?

  2. See if you can find any vCenter services running out of memory with

    cloudvm-ram-size -S

    If you haven’t booted since increasing the memory, memory allocation for those services hasn’t changed yet. Either you reboot or change the allocation with

    cloudvm-ram-size -C $VALUE $SERVICENAME

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