vCenter- shows VMs per host (when hosts are in a cluster)

This may come off as a bit foolish, but as this my home/office/lab vCenter 3x host “cluster”, i like manually managing vMotions and storage vmotions myself (ie no DRS nor HA inuse). So its helpful to clearly see which VMs are on which host.

When i create a cluster, and add my 3x hosts, then all the VMs show up under the cluster and i cant easily tell which is on which host. Is there anyway to change this? (ie have my 3x hosts in a cluster, but keep the vm view appear like in the picture below)

2nd question- is it true that to have a iSCSI backed datastore shared/accessible by my 3x hosts, then those 3x hosts must be in a cluster? (im currently have a few NFS backed datastores from my freenas box, and wanted to add a iSCSI one as well. The NFS datastores are accessible by all 3x hosts, even though they are not in a cluster). thanks!


[no cluster and i like it!](https://i.redd.it/qp9y8h4funq31.jpg)

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  1. Why have a cluster when you are using none of the features a cluster gives you?

    Just drag all the hosts out to be in the data center not the cluster, then delete the cluster.

    If you’re homelabbing to learn VMware that’s a step backwards though.

  2. The hosts don’t have to be in a cluster to access the same datastore. Whether they are iSCSI, NFS or FC.

    When you create a cluster you can click on a host and then in VMs to see the VMs running on the specific host. There is no way to change that behavior.

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