vCloud Director Database Upgrade

Hey Guys, we are finally on the phase of upgrading our vCloud Director from 9.1 (w/ external MSSQL 2014) to 9.7.

First, we are looking into upgrading our database to MSSQL 2017 but when I ran the Microsoft’s Data Migration Assistant (DMA), I got some issues namely:

**4 Unqualified Join(s) Detected**

*View dbo.candidate_rp_view*

*View dbo.cfp_view_vrp_metrics*

*View dbo.rp_to_parent_cluster_view*

*View dbo.validate_rp_view*

**1 Deprecated Datatype**

*Object dbo.audit_event.details uses deprecated data type TEXT, IMAGE or NTEXT which will be discontinued for future versions of SQL Server.*

Some have a recommended solution from DMA and some don’t so now I’m not sure if I can just ignore these and proceed with the database upgrade. Is it easier just to move completely off MSSQL to Postgres while at 9.1? We are also looking into moving to the appliance version once we are on 9.7.

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  1. Yes, migrate to the appliance with integrated Postgres. MS SQL is no longer supported starting with vCD version 10, so you will have to do it eventually. You will also save on MS SQL licensing costs this way.

  2. Why are you using the DMA? I just copied the database files over to the new SQL server and mounted the database. I did 2 version updates of vcd this way. After this you can upgrade the database in the properties of the database, change the IP of the db-server on the cells and restart vcd. That’s it.
    This I would do in one evening and a week later I would do an upgrade to a new version of vcd. I’ve done this multiple times.

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