VCP Certification Question 2019->2020?

Hey guys,
I’ve got a question based on [this](https://blogs.vmware.com/education/2019/01/03/its-januarytime-for-the-new-2019-vcp-certifications/) blog post. For the VCP-DCV 2019 requirements.

Due to scheduling conflicts the earliest I would be able to take the training for 6.7 would be mid/late December. Now I plan on giving the professional exam a few tries before then to find my footing, if I pass it in the mean time, great, if I don’t I’ll keep at it. However, there’s a line in there I find a bit odd.

* “If you meet all the requirements in 2019 (starting on January 16), you’ll earn the 2019 certification. If you finish it in 2020, you’ll earn the 2020 certification, and so on.”

So lets say I hypothetically pass the professional 21.19 exam and then complete the training in mid/late December. If I waited until the new year to use my voucher for the foundations exam and pass it in January 2020 would that give me a 2020 status instead of 2019? Or is the only thing different about the new year that the 2019 requirements I met will expire in 4 months after January? I don’t want to cut it too close. Perhaps someone better versed in this could answer my question.

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  1. It sounds pretty clear to me. If you finish all of the requirements for certification on 12/31/19 you get VCP-2019. If you finish all of the requirements on 1/1/2020 you get VCP-2020.

    Finishing means you have the required course, foundations & DCV exam all completed. Doesn’t matter what order you do them in but the date you finish the last one is the date that should be used.

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