VCSA 6.7u3 & Chrome: Enhanced Authentication Plugin not working


I recently had to rebuild our VCSA to the latest and greatest, and I’m unable to get the Enhanced Authentication Plugin to function correctly. I’m uncertain if this is a chrome issue, a VCSA issue, or both. I don’t see a specific service on the VCSA relating to Enhanced Authentication. There is an Authentication Proxy service which I’ve started but this did not resolve the issue. The VCSA has been joined to our domain, and I’ve downloaded and installed the plugin to no effect.

I’ve also tried varying versions of Chrome to see if it was a potential issue, but neither was a success. I’ve also downloaded the Certificates from the VCSA and installed it in my Trusted Root Certification Authority. Through research I’ve seen evidence that clearing browser cache may help, however that didn’t do anything.

Any suggestions?

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  1. What I need to do to make that work is first of go to [https://vmware-plugin:8094](https://vmware-plugin:8094) in my address bar in chrome, accept the cert warning. Then when I go to my vcsa sign in page it works.

    Periodically this stops working, I go to that same address again, accept the cert warning. then the EAP will work again. So now I have a favorite to [https://vmware-plugin:8094](https://vmware-plugin:8094) I just click on when the EAP fails, accept the warning, then hit back to go to vcenter sign in page and BAM! EAP is working again.

  2. Check for AV/firewall/malware scanning software that blocks local incoming web calls. I’m guessing the plugin runs a tiny web server on some specific port on your workstation that the JavaScript in the login screen accesses. Total guess since this is how Dell’s stupid web callback plugins work.

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