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I recently installed VMWare Workstation Player version 15.5, but encountered a bunch of problems (video would flicker and full screen mode would randomly toggle out of multiple screen display mode). So I decided to downgrade back to version 15.1 (which I had no such problems).


But no matter what I’ve tried, it will not allow me to reinstall any other version of VMWare Workstation. I’ve tried installing 14.1.6, 14.1.7, 15.0, 15.1.


Mostly I just get the error:



But if I launch VMWare Player using the Run as Administrator option, it displays the following:



This is after a complete uninstall, reboot, fresh install, and reboot. Why would VMWare be “expecting” an newer version of xmv86.sys ???

Is there some Windows Registry setting that isn’t being reset during the install process?

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