Very new to vmware, how can I change the IP address/network configuration of an existing VM in vSphere?

So I have a VM that I deployed yesterday however I must have typo’s the IP configuration on the VM during creation and now I can’t figure out how to change the network configuration of the VM. I have the VM powered down but I can’t find anything in vSphere that allows me to change the IP info. I’m super new to VMWare so I apologize if this is a stupid rookie mistake lol

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  1. VMware doesn’t handle the IP address. The actual vm is where the ip is set. You would only change the port group or vswitch that the vm is connected to.

  2. Power up the VM, open the remote console, login to Windows and change the IP as you would normally.

    There are other, scripted, ways to change a VM’s OS IP address, but there is no way to do it with the VM powered down (unless the VM is getting it’s IP from a DHCP reservation).

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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