Very strange behavior with desktops

In the last 6 months or so, since we upgraded our Horizon environment to 7.10, every time we power off a desktop, VMware migrates it to another host locking the VM. I move it back to the host to power on and before I can power it on it migrates again. Eventually the VM will power on but it takes like half an hour for it to kick on. This does not happen in my server environment and I have two desktop environments (one at each campus) and this is only happening on one desktop environment, my other desktop environment works fine. I don’t see any different between them except physical hardware.

I can’t delete the lock file because the VM wont stay on the host when I migrate it to the original host that has the lock. Anyone heard of this before? Any idea of a fix other than turn off DRS? This is the error:

· Task name

Power On virtual machine

· Target

*desktop name*

· Status

File system specific implementation of Ioctl[file] failed

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