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Hi All,

Looking for some help after installing and configuring load balancing using NLB for a customer.

The customer had 2 sets of security servers and connection servers, one pair of each being used for internal and the other reaching external. For internal access, a DNS entry was previously configured so that any internal users trying to reach the URL of their view environment was directed to the first security server ie. view.company.com > (Sec server 1). For external access, their public IP was translated to the second view server ie. view.company.com > > (Sec Server 2).

I did some work yesterday implementing windows network load balancing for their View security servers. I added the roles to both servers, created the cluster and added the hosts. I updated the internal DNS record to point to the Load balanced IP and updated the NAT rule on the firewall to point to this as well. On the NLB cluster i enabled sticky sessions and am using multicast (Small environment)

During testing, when using desktop pools that uses BLAST only, sessions worked flawlessly, users were directed to security servers via the VIP, i could see traffic flowing etc, but when using PCOIP, desktops would connect to a session but be presented with a black screen then an error message regarding not being able to connect. I have confirmed all ports required are open. i did also update the connection servers to look at the VIP for the external PCOIP Address as well as the security servers to the public IP that is translated. I couldnt see anything obvious but has anyone else seen this issue before?


Any input would be appreciated.

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