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My test setup is an Ubuntu 16.04 host with Workstation Player 12, pcsclite 1.8.20 ccid-1.4.22

the guest are various windows machines, they use the readers in shared mode (to the guest the reader is presented as the virtual card reader by vmWare).

The errors occur about every 250 to 1000 signatures…


symptom: signature creation sometimes not possible, next try works after a short time-out

error codes:  “The smart card has been reset, so any shared state information is invalid.” or “Protocol not supported” (the second occurs seldom)

it is important to note that the next signature attempt works, although nothing else changes (same routines, same APDU, same protocol…)

readers:Gemalto CT40,CHERRY TC 1100

cards:CARDOS 5.3


there is an discussion on github https://github.com/LudovicRousseau/CCID/pull/24


and a description of the virtual card reader problems is here:


USB descriptor: readers/VMware_Virtual_USB_CCID2.txt

Features: PIN Verification, PIN Modification

Limitations: No extended APDU

The dwFeatures looks to be incorrect. IFSD negoctiation by the driver is rejected. After a change to add CCID_CLASS_AUTO_IFSD then PC_to_RDR_GetSlotStatus fails with LIBUSB_ERROR_TIMEOUT. This reader is found in VMware workstation player 12 64 bit on Windows 7.

In CCID release: 1.4.23

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